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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Tera EV Charger Dealer. Join our network of dealers and be a part of the future of electric vehicle charging. Tera is committed to providing innovative and reliable charging solutions to meet the growing demand for sustainable transportation. By becoming a Tera Dealer, you can play a crucial role in advancing the adoption of electric vehicles.

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Why Tera?

Trusted Brand

Tera is a brand synonymous with reliability and performance. Our commitment to quality ensures that you can confidently offer products that meet the highest industry standards, fostering trust and satisfaction among your customers.

Diverse Product Range

Tera's diverse range of products caters to various customer needs. Whether it's portable chargers for on-the-go convenience or robust home chargers for everyday use, our lineup ensures you can address the unique requirements of your market.

Marketing Support

As a Tera dealer, you'll benefit from comprehensive marketing support. Gain access to promotional materials, product information, and co-branding opportunities to effectively showcase Tera's products and enhance your dealership's visibility.