Discover the journey of Tera in revolutionizing EV charging

Discover the journey of Tera in revolutionizing EV charging

Established in Switzerland during the early 2000s, Tera rose to prominence as a leading office supply brand throughout Europe. Now under the ownership of California's ADM Tech LLC, Tera has garnered global recognition. In 2022, Tera pivoted to the EV Charger market, dedicating itself to delivering top-tier and user-friendly charging solutions for EV enthusiasts nationwide.


In the year 2002, Tera was founded in Switzerland, marking the beginning of its exploration into the realm of scanning gun technology. The company's early years were marked by a relentless pursuit of innovation and mastery of scanning technology.


By 2012, Tera's dedication and ingenuity began to yield significant results. Its scanning technology continued to mature, resulting in a well-established product line of scanning guns. This achievement garnered enthusiastic responses from both the North American and European markets, solidifying Tera's reputation as a key player in the scanning technology landscape.


The turning point came in 2016 when Tera achieved an impressive milestone – securing the coveted top spot on Amazon's platform as the best-selling scanning gun. This achievement wasn't a mere flash in the pan; Tera's position remained unwavering, a testament to the company's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


As the year 2022 unfolded, Tera found itself at a juncture of reinvention. Building upon its successes in scanning technology, the company decided to embark on a new journey. With an eye towards innovation, Tera pivoted its focus towards the research and development of Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger products. This strategic shift was a testament to Tera's ability to adapt and thrive in dynamic market landscapes.


The year 2023 witnessed the fruition of Tera's vision. Its EV Charger products began to make their mark in the market, earning the praise and approval of users. Tera's dedication to excellence and innovation extended beyond the commercial sphere. In a significant achievement, the company solidified its role as an official partner to the government of New Mexico, further emphasizing its status as a trusted and valued entity in the field of cutting-edge technology.


In 2024, Tera soared to unprecedented heights as it took center stage at the prestigious Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in the United States. The company's participation in CES not only showcased its cutting-edge innovations and technological prowess but also underscored its commitment to staying at the forefront of the rapidly evolving tech industry.

Our Mission

To lead the U.S. and the world into a greener, more sustainable transportation future by providing electric vehicle owners with an unparalleled charging experience.

Our Vision

To be the most trusted EV charging station in the U.S, creating maximum value for our customers, communities and the environment.