EV Charger Cable Holder for J1772

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【Cable Protection】Tera's EV charger holder goes beyond typical hooks. It features arc-shaped sides to cradle your charger cable gently, eliminating worries about cable cutting from sharp edges.

【Universal Compatibility】Designed for Type 1 J1772 EV owners, it works with various other EV models. It's versatile, capable of holding items like umbrellas, strollers, bags, and more.

【Safety and Organization】Tera's charger cable holder keeps your charging area tidy, preventing cable tangling and reducing the risk of tripping over cables.

【Easy Installation】Simply drill a hole, secure the holder, insert the screw, and tighten with a screwdriver for easy installation.

【Durable Design】Made of high-quality steel for cable support and durable ABS plastic for J1772 holder, it shields your charger plug from wear and tear. Its overhead design protects against rain, making it suitable for outdoor use.