48A 240V Level 2 Pink Home EV Charger for SAE J1772 & TESLA W01

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Black 48A 240V Charger
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Black 48A 240V Charger
  • Description
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Delay Timer & Adjustable Current for Versatile EV Charging

  • Scheduled Charging Time

    Experience the convenience of scheduling your charging with W01 EV Charger. W01 supports a 12-hour advance reservation feature, allowing you to set your preferred charging time well in advance. Whether you want to charge your electric vehicle during off-peak hours to save on energy costs or ensure it's ready to go when you need it, our scheduling capability offers you the flexibility and control you need. With this feature, you can maximize the efficiency and convenience of your charging experience, ensuring your electric vehicle is always powered up and ready to hit the road. Note: Must configure the current & schedule First! Then plug into your car. (Plugging it in first will activate plug-and-play mode. )

  • Adjustable Current

    Catering to diverse charging needs, our charging solution offers a range of configurable maximum current outputs, including 24, 32, 40, and 48 amps. This level of adaptability empowers users to fine-tune their charging process, aligning it perfectly with their individual requirements and their vehicle's specifications. Whether you seek a swift charge on a busy day or a gentler one for extended battery life, our charging station grants you the freedom to optimize your electric vehicle's power replenishment to your liking. Note: The default current is 40A. (For a NEMA 14-50 plug, it's recommended to use a safe 40A current.)If you receive a different setting, update the default current to 40A by upgrading the Smart Life App.

Key Features & Benefits

  • 9X Faster Charging

    Tera 48A level 2 EV charger is designed to make EV charging quick and effortless. This EV portable charger with NEMA 14-50 plug could charge your car 9x faster than other 8A level 1 EV chargers you have used before.Up to 46 miles per hour at 48A. The actual charging speed depends on the settings of your electric vehicle.

  • Compatible with J1772 & Tesla

    Compatible with J1772 and includes a complimentary J1772 to Tesla adapter, making it versatile for Tesla charging as well. Our charging solution ensures seamless compatibility with both J1772-equipped electric vehicles and Tesla models, providing users with the convenience and flexibility to charge their vehicles without any compatibility concerns.

  • 3 Reservation Methods

    Tera W01 EV charger offers support through touchscreen, smart App, and your vehicle's onboard system reservation (plug-and-play by default). By scheduling charging time, you can have your vehicle charged during off-peak hours to save on costs. (NOTE: Hybrid vehicles automatically reduce charging current based on their maximum allowable current.)

  • Smart APP Control

    Enhance your charging experience with the "Smart Life" app, offering smart charging at your fingertips. Leverage its remote control capabilities, allowing you not only to monitor your real-time charging status but also effortlessly track your complete charging history.

  • LED display & LCD indicator

    The integrated LED display offers a comprehensive view of essential charging data, including voltage, current, power, and energy information. Additionally, the LCD indicator employs a range of distinct colors to effectively communicate the current charging status, providing users with a clear and intuitive visual representation of their charging process.

  • Fully Security Protections

    ETL stands as North America's premier safety certification, originating from Thomas Edison's electrical testing laboratory in 1896. Widely recognized, the ETL mark symbolizes a manufacturer's commitment to high standards, equivalent to UL for home insurance.

For All EV Tesla and SAE J1772

Teala S,3,X,Y ( For Pre-2016 Tesla Owners, Software Upgrades May Be Needed. Kindly Reach Out To Us Initially.)
BMW i3 2013, i4 2021, iX 2020, iX3 2020, 5 Series 530e 2017
Ford Mustang Mach-E 2020, Fusion Energi 2013-2020, Focus Electric 2011-2018, Ranger EV 1998-2002, Think 2000-2003, C-Max Energi 2012-2017, E-Transit 2020
Chevrolet EV1 1996-1999, Volt 2010-2019, Spark EV 2013-2016, Bolt EV 2017, Bolt EUV 2021
Nissan LEAF 2010 2017, LEAF S 2017, LEAF S PLUS 2019, Altra EV 1998-2002, e-NV200 2014, Ariya 2021
Honda EV Plus 1997-1999, Fit EV 2012-2014, Clarity Electric 2017-2020
Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid 2015, Taycan 2019
Toyota Prius Prime 2016, RAV4 EV 1997-2003, e-com 1997-2002, Prius Plug-in Hybrid 2012-2015, C-HR EV 2020, RAV4 Prime 2020, bZ4X 2022-2023
GMC Hummer EV Pickup 2021, Hummer EV SUV 2023
Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe 2021, Wrangler 4xe 2020
Fiat 500e 2013, 500e 3+1 2020
KIA Niro PHEV 2017, EV6 2021, Niro EV 2018, Sportage 2023
Mercedes-Benz EQB 2021, EQC 2019, EQE 2022
Hyundai Ioniq Electric 2016, Kona Electric 2018, Sante Fe Hybrid 2021
Other Brands For Volkswagen e-Golf 2014, ID4 2020, For Rivian R1T 2021, R1S 2021, For Chrysler Pacifica 2021

Package Includes

  • Charging Station

  • J1772 to Tesla Adapter with Lock

  • Cable Holder for Tesla

  • Mounting Plate

  • Screws Set

  • Tools

  • User Manual


Power Rating


Input Voltage


Input Frequency 60±1Hz
Output Voltage 240Vac(±15%);L1/L2/PE
Maximun Output Current 48A
Standby Static Power Consumption <5W@240Vac
Indicator Light 3 Colors LED
HMI 4.3 Inch LCD screen
Charging Method Plug and Charge/APP Charging
Communication Method WiFi & Bluetooth
Plug Type NEMA 14-50P
Connector Type Type 1(SAE J1772)
Mountung Method  Wallbox/Floor Mounted
Alignment Lower In and Lower Out
Cable Length 25FT
Input Line Length 24In
Over Voltage Protection Input Voltage> 120%, Relay is Off
Under Voltage Protection Input Voltage< 80%, Relay is Off
Overload Protection Output Current > 110%, Relay Disconnected, The Power Supply Needed to Be Cut Off And Restored
Over Temperature Protection  Main Board Relay Temperature Reaches 85℃,Power Down to 50%; Temperature over 90℃,Power Shutdown
Grounding Protection No Ground Detected or Ground Disconnected During Charging, Relay Disconnected
Earth Leakage Protection Type: CCID20; Leakage Detected, Relay Disconnected
Emergency Stop Protection If A Fault Occurs In The Charger But It Does Not Stop Automatically, The Operator Can Press The Emergency Stop Button To Stop The Charger (The Charger Needs To Be Equipped With An Emergency Stop Button)
Operating Temperature/ Humidity -30℃~+50℃(-22℉~+122℉)/5%~95% RH
Storage Temperature/ Humidity -35℃~+80℃(-31℉~+176℉)/5%~95% RH
Operating Altitude <2000M
Protection Degree TYPE 3R
MTBF 100,000H
Aging The Product Should be Aged At Least 2 Hours at 50℃±5℃ and Under Full Load
Safety Standard ETL 5028168, UL 2231-1/-2, UL 991, UL 2251, UL 998 and UL 2594
Warranty 5 Years

1. Make sure your phone to connect the 2.4G wifi, not connect the wifi whose name has 5G suffix.2. Open the wifi and bluetooth of your smartphone.3. Download and open the "Smart Life" app by your phone, register by yourself directly, then click the "add" button and search your device. (Open the bluetooth permission for this app in your smartphone)4. Wait 3-5 seconds, then you will find the device and click "Add" button.5. Insert your wifi password and add it.6. Then you can control the ev charger by app directly.
1. Make sure your phone is connected to 2.4Ghz WiFi, not a network with a 5G suffix. 2. Ensure that both WiFi and Bluetooth are enabled on your phone. The "SmartLife" app will only function correctly when the EV charger and the phone are connected to the same WiFi network. 3. WiFi Reset: Unplug the charging gun and simultaneously long-press the Ⓐ button and the time button on the screen until "WiFi Reset" is displayed. 4. Please try to restart your "Smart Life" app to add your EV Charger.
Method 1: Adjust the Current from 16A to 32A by briefly tap the "Ⓐ" button onthe screen. Method 2: Open the "Smart Life" app and connect to the EV Charger. Navigate tothe "Charging pile" page and tap the third button in the bottom right corner.Locate "Charging current" and tap it to adjust the current.(Note: Adjusting the current while charging may cause charging issues, please stop charging before making adjustments)
Method 1: Unplug the charging cable and short press the "Time" button on the screen to delay the charging time. Charging will start when the screen displays"Wait 00:00:00." Method 2: Open the "Smart Life" app, add your device, and then schedule thecharging time.(Note: The time displayed for scheduling, either on the screen or in the app, is not aspecific time but a delay timer.)
Tera Portable EV Charger is designed to operate at a voltage range of 220V-240V. If your voltage is 240V, it will charge at a rate of 7.6kW with a maximum current of 32A. If your outlet voltage falls below 200V, it will display "Lowvolt Fault"and will not operate

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