CCS1 to Tesla Adapter

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Universal Tesla Compatibility: Our CCS1 to Tesla charging adapter is designed for Tesla Model 3, Y, S, and X, ensuring a flawless connection to Level 3 charging stations. Enjoy diverse charging options and the luxury to charge your Tesla anytime, anywhere. Note: Please verify your Tesla's CCS compatibility before purchase.

Built to Last & Safety Assured: Crafted with IP55-rated waterproof PC material, our FCC-approved CCS1 to Tesla adapter excels in heat resistance and electrical insulation. With its durable build, expect a consistent and safe charging experience, making it a must-have for all your Tesla charging requirements.

High-Speed Charging Efficiency: Our Tera DC Fast Charging Adapter, equipped with silver-plated copper terminals, guarantees optimal charging speeds. With a rating of up to 250kW at 500V DC, it ensures a quick, smooth, and efficient charging journey for your Tesla.

User-Friendly Design: Experience hassle-free charging with our plug-and-play adapter. No complicated setups required. Simply connect to a Level 3 charging station and your Tesla, and enjoy a streamlined charging process.

Lightweight & Compact: Weighing in at only 2 pounds and measuring 3.2 × 4.7 × 5.3 inches, our Tera adapter offers unmatched portability. Whether you're on the go or at home, it's the perfect companion for swift and easy Tesla charging conversions.